Senate Bill 467 would give local government the power to tax churches!


5 Quick Things You Need to Know About SB 467!

  1.  Current Indiana law protects churches from being forced to pay property taxes!
  2. SB 467 would drastically change current Indiana law to give local government the power to tax churches!
  3. Under SB 467, this new tax would be called a “user fee“!
  4. Under SB 467, a local government could send a new tax bill/user fee bill to a church for hundreds or even thousands of dollars each and every year!
  5. Under SB 467, if the church refused to pay the new tax bill/user fee bill or couldn’t pay the new tax bill/user fee bill, then the local government could put a lien on the church property and then sell the church!

Action Plan To Stop The Taxation Of Churches!

Step #1  Please call or email your State Senator right away with the following message:
“Please Vote NO on Senate Bill 467 to Tax Churches.”

Step #2  Please get this information to your pastor!

Step #3  Please forward this email to all of your email contacts and share it on social media!

Step #4  Please let us know any response you get from your Senator!


Senate Phone Numbers

1-317-232-9400         1-800-382-9467

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Working together, we can help protect the churches and families of Indiana!

Until next time, may God bless you and your family and may God bless America!