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Parents Deserve the Right to be Able to Choose the Best School for Their Children.

This could be a public school, a private school, a home school or a Christian school. Unfortunately many Hoosier parents over the years have not been able financially to send their child to a Christian school.

This changed in 2011 when the Indiana General Assembly passed a law to help the families of Indiana.

The General Assembly created school vouchers that parents could use to help pay for their child’s education at a Christian school. The legislature in 2011 did the right thing for the families and children of Indiana.

But now we have a problem!

Not everyone supports helping children through the school voucher law. There are some elected officials, along with some very powerful special interest groups that have millions of dollars to spend, who want to take away this freedom and right that was given to children and their parents by the 2011 Indiana General Assembly.

There will be a major effort in the next Indiana General Assembly to adversely & negatively change the school voucher law in order to harm the right of parents to be able to send their child to a Christian school. Parents should continue to be able to get a school voucher in order to be able to afford to enroll their child or children in a Christian school.

After all, parents should be able to decide what school is best for their child!

To find out who your state senator and state representative are, follow this link:

Who Are My Elected Officials?


1. Contact your state senator and state representative:

Indiana State Senate:
(800) 382-9467
Indiana Representatives:
(800) 382-9842

“Please help the children of Indiana. Please oppose any effort to adversely change the school voucher law.”

2. Spread the Word

• Download the Information Flyer at
• Share the Action Video on your social media.

It is important that we share this information with every family in Indiana.

Working together, we can help the parents of Indiana who want to send their child to a Christian school by using a school voucher.

“The children need your help because school vouchers are in danger! You can make a difference in our state.”

Eric I. Miller, Attorney
Founder & Executive Director

Working together, we can help protect the churches and families of Indiana!

Until next time, may God bless you and your family and may God bless America!