Hoosier voters went to the polls on November 4th to elect all 100 members of the Indiana House of Representatives and 25 members of the Indiana State Senate.

Indiana State Senate

The current makeup of the State Senate is 37 Republicans and 13 Democrats.

After the November 4th Election it appears there will be 40 Republican Senators and 13 Democrat Senators.

Indiana House of Representatives

The current makeup of the Indiana House of Representatives is 69 Republicans and 31 Democrats.

After the November 4th Election it appears there will be 71 Republican Representatives and 29 Democrat Representatives.

Voter Guides Made A Difference!

Advance America once again distributed non-partisan Voter Guides to help Hoosier voters cast an informed ballot.

Advance America send out over 235,000 Voter Guides around the state and also provided an online Voter Guide that thousands of Hoosiers downloaded!

Here’s what Representative Jeff Thompson said about our 2014 Voter Guide effort:

“No other organization was able to reach more Hoosier voters with the truth about where the candidates really stood on key issues for the November 4th Election than Advance America.”

More Election Analysis Coming!

Be watching for more information on the November 4th Election and how this election will impact your family, your church, your freedoms and your future!

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