For years Advance America has warned the citizens of Indiana that those who support legalizing homosexual marriages want to intimidate and silence pastors who preach what the Bible declares about homosexuality.

Advance America has warned pastors that attacks will come against them and their church from those who want the government to legalize homosexual marriages!

The Attack Has Begun!

According to Fox News on October 14, 2014, pastors in the Houston area have been ordered to turn over any sermons they have preached involving homosexuality, gender identity (laws giving men legal access to women’s restrooms) and the Mayor of Houston.

The Pastors have also been ordered to turnover any communications they have had with their congregation concerning a new city ordinance that will permit men to use the women’s restroom!

If a pastor refuses to turn over this information, they may wind up being fined or jailed!

(Click Here) to see the Fox News article by Todd Starnes on October 14, 2014. Entitled, “City of Houston Demands pastors Turnover Sermons”.

The attack on pastors and churches in Houston represents a brazen attempt by the supporters of homosexual marriages, homosexual behavior and gender identity laws (men having access to women’s restrooms) to silence, intimidate and punish pastors and churches that preach what the Bible says about homosexuality.

Evidently freedom of religion and freedom of speech don’t apply to pastors and churches in Houston!

This is where we are headed in Indiana!

Be watching for future updates on what you can do to help protect the pastors and churches in Indiana by once again protecting marriage between one man and one woman in Indiana!

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