You Made a Difference!

While there were some disappointments on November 6, there were also a number of victories here in Indiana!

I want to take this opportunity to thank the churches, the individuals, the families, the Christian schools and the businesses around Indiana who partnered with Advance America in our election year efforts.  Here are just a few of our activities leading up to November 6:

  • Voter Registration – Assisted churches around Indiana with a Voter Registration effort.
  • Voter Guides – Distributed over 900,000 Voter Guides so individuals could cast an informed ballot.  Thousands more were downloaded from our website.
  • Neighborhood Blitz – Over 1,000 volunteers distributed over 75,000 Voter Guides in neighborhoods around Indiana.
  • Get Out the Vote Effort – Advance America made a video and power point slides available for churches to use on Sunday, November 4 to encourage people to use our non-partisan Voter Guides so they could cast an informed ballot.

Thank you for your help!

Remember – those who oppose our efforts to protect churches, protect families and defend traditional values don’t give up – and neither will we!

Be watching for our 2012 Election Wrap Up!