Since 1980, Advance America and Eric Miller have been your eyes, ears and voice in state government.

Elected officials at every level have come and gone over the last three decades, but Advance America continues to represent you at the Indiana State House. Voter Guides, Legislative Alerts and Voting Records are just a few of the ways the TRUTH has been shared with hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers year after year.

The BATTLE for our families, churches and businesses has never been more crucial!!!

Even now, we have MUCH to be thankful for in Indiana and in America.  Indeed, we are THANKFUL for your support and participation over the past 32 years.  We know that we are fighting the “good fight” and we will not get “weary in well-doing.”

Please take time this holiday season to pray for our country and our elected leaders from all parties.  We also would appreciate your prayers for Advance America and Eric Miller as we enter our 33rd year of service.