The 2010 General Assembly recently adjourned! Over 800 bills were filed in the House and Senate this year!

Advance America’s 30th Legislative Session!

As in the past, Advance America worked with Senators and Representatives and with Republicans and Democrats.  Advance America continues to lead the effort at the State House to protect churches and families!

2010 Legislative Victories!

Here are some of the victories from the 2010 General Assembly:

  • The effort to regulate and control church childcare ministries was stopped!  Here is what Representative Dave Frizzell said about our involvement:

“Once again Eric Miller and Advance America led the effort at the State House to protect churches from government control and regulation.  Their efforts to stop House Bill 1036 were successful in stopping a bill that would have harmed churches.  I appreciate their continued vigilance at the State House on issues affecting churches and our freedoms.”

  • The effort to move forward on a casino in Fort Wayne was stopped!
  • The effort to teach children in the schools beginning in elementary school that homosexual relationships are normal and acceptable was stopped!
  • Voters in Indiana will be able to vote in November to place property tax caps in the Constitution.  This will get us one step closer to repealing property taxes on homes so Hoosiers can finally own their own home!
  • The effort to rollback the victory won in the 2009 General Assembly to create a scholarship effort to help provide some Indiana students with the chance to go to the school of their choice was stopped!

Marriage Must Be Protected!

Once again Representative Pat Bauer (D-South Bend), the Speaker of the House of Representatives, orchestrated the defeat of the Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage between one man and one woman and to ban same sex civil unions.  SJR 13 passed the Senate by the vote of 38-10 on January 28, 2010 but never received a hearing in the committee it was assigned to!  Speaker Bauer has once again abused his power by not permitting a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives to protect marriage in Indiana.

We’re Not Giving Up!

Advance America will be back in the 2011 General Assembly working to pass the Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage and to ban same sex civil unions!


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