Advance America supports the repeal of property taxes on homesteads so that individuals can finally own their own home.

In this tough economic environment that we find ourselves in, if a homeowner cannot pay their proprty taxes even though they have lived in their home for 10 years, 20 years or more and even if they have paid off their mortgage, the government will take their home and sell it.

We don’t believe that’s right.

Advance America will continue to lead the effort to pass a Constitutional Amendment so that the citizens can have the right to vote to repeal property taxes. We believe that Hoosiers deserve the right to vote on this very important issue.

This issue will resurface in the 2010 General Assembly. If you have an opinion on this very important issue now is a good time to contact your Senator and Representative. To find out who they are go to “Who Are My Elected Officials” on the homepage of this website.

Always remember this is your government!