Indianapolis Star
July 8, 2007 – Editorial
Eric I. Miller, Founder, Advance America

It’s time to put an end to unfair,
inequitable property tax system
The only permanent solution to the property tax crisis is to repeal property taxes.
The only way for someone to own his own home is to repeal property taxes.
The only way to offer permanent protection to homeowners, senior citizens, farmers and
businesses is to repeal property taxes.
Politicians in both parties, at the state and local level, share the responsibility for the property tax
Either they caused it by excessive government spending or they stood by and let it happen.
How would we fund local services without property taxes?
Using figures from the Indiana Legislative Services Agency, property taxes could be replaced by
controlling state and local government spending increases, coupled with a one percent income
tax increase, a two percent sales tax increase and an amount from Hoosier businesses.
These additional taxes would come only after the voters vote to repeal property taxes.
Additionally, over $100 million dollars could be saved each year in administrative expenses.
Advance America is leading the statewide effort to repeal property taxes with a constitutional
Thirty-nine of the 100 House members have signed on to support this effort and 18 of the 50
To pass a constitutional amendment, 51 representatives and 26 senators are required. A list of
legislators supporting the repeal of property taxes is available at
The government has no money to spend except the peoples’ money. The taxpayers deserve the
right to vote to repeal property taxes. The only way this will happen is for the General Assembly
to pass a constitutional amendment.
It’s time for the citizens to take back control of their government.
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