The Two U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013 the U.S. Supreme
issued two decisions on marriage. According to published
reports, the first decision dealt with the Federal Defense of Marriage
Act or DOMA.  In a 5-4 decision the Court held that federal benefits
could not be denied to a homosexual couple who got married in a state where
homosexual marriages are legal.  Homosexual marriages are legal in 12
states and the District of Columbia.  They are not legal in

In the second case the U.S. Supreme Court, also by a 5-4 decision, held
that the party defending the Constitutional ban on homosexual marriages in California,
Proposition 8, did not have standing to bring the challenge.  This means
homosexual marriages will now be legal in at least a portion of California.

Indiana Must Pass A Constitutional Amendment To
Protect Marriage!

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions did not
legalize homosexual marriages in Indiana!  Additionally, the U.S. Supreme
Court’s decisions will not prevent Indiana from moving forward with the passage
of a Constitutional Amendment to ban homosexual marriages in 2014!

Next Battle – 2014 General Assembly!

The next step in the battle to amend the Indiana Constitution to ban
homosexual marriages and protect marriage between one man and one woman will be
for the 2014 Indiana General Assembly to pass the Marriage Protection
Amendment, HJR 6.

Next Battle – Vote By Citizens November 4, 2014

In order for the Marriage Protection Amendment to be added to the Indiana
Constitution, the voters must approve the Amendment when they vote on November
4, 2014.

The Opposition Will Spend Millions!

Individuals and organizations who support homosexual marriages
and the homosexual agenda will spend millions of dollars to impact the
vote in the Indiana General Assembly next year and the vote by the citizens
of Indiana on November 4, 2014!

They must not win!

Advance America will continue to help lead the effort to stop
homosexual marriages in Indiana!  Be watching for more details in the near
future on how every individual, every family and every church
can partner with Advance America in the battle to stop homosexual
marriages in Indiana!

Remember, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do
nothing.”   -Edmond Burke

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