A major victory was won in the closing hours of the General Assembly when legislation passed to require public hearings on Common

Common Core is the National education plan supported by the Obama Administration.  There are many unanswered questions about Common Core that the parents and taxpayers deserve answers.  Here are just a few:

Is it true:

  • that Common Core is part of a Federal effort to collect massive amounts of personal data on families and children that will be shared with federal agencies and be made available to other groups;
  • that Indiana will lose control over educating Indiana children to unelected bureaucrats and special interests in Washington D.C. and elsewhere;
  • that the Indiana legislature never voted on, nor debated participating in Common Core: and
  • that Common Core will cost the taxpayers of Indiana hundreds of millions of dollars to implement?

It was right to mandate public hearings on Common Core to get answers to these and other critical questions that impact the taxpayers and children of Indiana!