**House Bill 1427 will require public hearings and a fiscal analysis on Common Core**

Here are just a few questions the supporters of Common Core hope they never have to answer at a public hearing:

  1. Is it true that Common Core is part of a federal effort to collect massive amounts of personal data on families and children to be shared with federal agencies and made available to other groups?
  2. Is it true that the Indiana legislature never voted on, nor debated participating in the Common Core?
  3. Is it true that the Obama Administration is supporting Common Core?
  4. Is it true that out of state groups are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising to stop legislation that would require public hearings and a fiscal analysis of Common Core?
  5. Is it true that Common Core will cost the taxpayers of Indiana hundreds of millions of dollars to implement?
  6. Is it true that Indiana will lose control over educating Indiana children to unelected bureaucrats and special interests in Washington D.C. and elsewhere?
  7. Is it true that the new testing requirements associated with Common Core will change what is taught in private and home schools?

Urgent Action Required!

Please call and email your Representative immediately with the following message:

“Help protect the children of Indiana!  Please vote YES on House Bill 1427 to require public hearings and a fiscal analysis of Common Core.”

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