This week the Republican and Democrat candidates for Governor introduced the individuals they have chosen to be their running mate for the November 6th General Election.

On Monday Congressman Mike Pence, the Republican candidate for Governor announced he has selected State Representative Sue Elspermann for his choice for Lt. Governor. Representative Ellspermann is from Ferdinand.

On Tuesday former Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives, John Gregg, the Democrat candidate for Governor introduced State Senator Vi Simpson as his Lt Governor choice. Senator Simpson is from Ellettsville.

In the coming weeks and months individuals around the state will have the opportunity to get to know more about these two individuals.

Here are some similarities between Representative Ellspermann and Senator Simpson:

  1. Both are state legislators;
  2. Both are women;
  3. Both are college graduates; and
  4. Both come from Southern Indiana.

However, when it comes to two issues that are important to many Hoosiers, these two individuals are very different!

With regard to the abortion issue, Representative Ellspermann is strongly pro-life while Senator Simpson is strongly pro-abortion.

With regard to protecting traditional marriage between one man and one woman, Representative Ellspermann voted in support of the Constitutional Amendment to protect traditional marriage while Senator Simpson voted against the Constitutional Amendment.

Remember Advance America does not endorse any candidate or any political party.  Advance America is a non-partisan, educational organization dedicated to getting the truth out to the citizens of Indiana about what is going on in their government and what they can do to make a difference on those issues they care about.

Be watching for more information from Advance America on the crucial November 6th General Election.  Always remember, this is your government!