Congressman Pence Leads the Effort In Washington D.C.!

Congressman Mike Pence is leading the effort to defund Planned Parenthood at the federal level. Congressman Pence recently wrote an excellent article that appeared in National Review Online entitled “Battling Big Abortion – The truth about the debate over defunding Planned Parenthood.”

(Click Here) to download Congressman Pence’s article from National Review’s website.

Planned Parenthood Aborted over 5,500 Babies!

Planned Parenthood of Indiana aborted over 5,500 babies in Indiana in 2010.  (Source:  Planned Parenthood of Indiana 2010 Annual Report)

Planned Parenthood Shouldn’t Get Hoosier Tax Dollars!

Planned Parenthood in Indiana should no longer receive any taxpayer dollars!

Hoosiers should no longer help fund an organization that performs thousands of abortions of babies in Indiana!

The Battle Is Not Over In Indiana!

Even though the bill to defund organizations that perform abortions including Planned Parenthood, House Bill 1205, died as a result of the walk-out in the House of Representatives, there will be an attempt to add the defunding language to another bill in the 2011 General Assembly! 

Urgent Action Required!

Please call or email your Senator and Representative with the following message:

Please Vote YES on every effort to defund Planned Parenthood in the General Assembly!  My tax dollars should not be going to an organization that performs thousands of abortions in Indiana!

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State Senate
317-232-9400          – or –          800-382-9467

House of Representatives
317-232-9600          – or –          800-382-9842

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