House Bill 1003 Goes Back To The House!

On Thursday, April 21st the State Senate passed House Bill 1003 by a vote of 28-22. The bill now goes back to the House of Representatives.

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Why Do We Need House Bill 1003?

At Advance America we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to get a first class, world class education!

It’s a Parent’s Responsibility!

Parents are responsible for raising their children and not the government!

Parents know what is best for their child!

Parents know what the best educational setting is for their child!

Money Should Follow The Child!

The money that is provided to educate a child should follow the child!  If the parents want to choose the public school in their area, another public school, a charter school or a Christian school they should be able to and the money should follow the child!

House Bill 1003 – A Good First Step!

House Bill 1003 was introduced by Representative Bob Behning and Speaker of the House Brian Bosma.  The bill is sponsored in the Senate by Senators Dennis Kruse, Carlin Yoder, Jim Banks, Jim Buck, Jim Smith and Greg Walker.  It would provide choice scholarships to families to help their child attend a Christian school if their family meets certain income requirements and if they are coming to the Christian school from a public school.  Our long term goal is to one day include the children who are already in the Christian school!  The Christian school would still be free to operate as they have in the past with regard to their internal operation.

Another Vote in the House will Send the Bill
to the Governor!

If the House votes in support of House Bill 1003 again then the bill will go to the Governor! 

Action Plan!

Please call or email your Representative with the following message:

“Please concur with Senate Amendments to House Bill 1003 to help parents choose the best school – including a private school or Christian school –
for their children.”

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House of Representatives
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Always Remember . . .
This Is Your Government!

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