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The November 2nd Election could be the most important election in our lifetime! You need to know the truth about where the candidates really stand on key issues!

Use Advance America’s Voter Guide!

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Your friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers need to cast an informed ballot too!

Please forward this email to all of your contacts and urge them to download a Voter Guide so they can cast an informed ballot on November 2nd too!

Remember What Edmond Burke Said:

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph
 is for good men to do nothing.”

Thank you for your support for Advance America’s efforts to protect churches, families and our freedoms!  Thank you for using Advance America’s 2010 Voter Guide and encouraging others to cast an informed ballot too!Always Remember . . .
This Is Your Government!

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Telephone Numberss
House of Representatives 800-382-9842 & 317-232-9600
State Senate: 800-382-9467 & 317-232-9400
Governor: 317-232-4567 – Lt. Governor: 317-232-4545
You can find out who your legislators are and get their email address by
going to or by calling us at (800)448-VOTE (8683).