*300 Citizens at Fort Wayne!* *Greenwood Rally Thursday, September 23rd!*

[Fort Wayne, IN] On Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 7:00 pm at the First Assembly of God Church located at 1400 W. Washington Center Road in Fort Wayne, Eric Miller, Founder of Advance America hosted their second Take Back America Rally of 2010.  Several hundred concerned citizens came together to hear how they could get involved in their government to make a difference for their family, their future and their freedoms.

 State Senators Dennis Kruse and Tom Wyss along with State Representatives Dick Dodge and Bob Morris attended the Rally.  State Representative Candidate Mike Obergfell also was at the rally along with Kevin Howell a candidate for Allen County Council.

Six more rallies are planned around the state between now and the November 2nd Election:

September 23                           Greenwood

 September 28                           New Albany

September 30                           Terre Haute

October 5                                Anderson

 October 7                                Elkhart

 October 12                              Evansville

Advance America is Indiana’s leading pro-family and pro-tax reform organization.  Advance America is a non-partisan, educational organization.  Advance America does not endorse any candidate or political party.

 Miller commended those who came because they are concerned about the future for their children and grandchildren.  He told them of the window of opportunity they have to make a difference in the November 2nd Election, just 47 days away.

 Miller told them that he has heard from Hoosiers around the state that they are worried about the future for their children and grandchildren and that America is going in the wrong direction.  “Hoosiers know America is economically bankrupt and morally devastated,” Miller stated.

 Miller highlighted some of the problems Hoosiers are facing including: out of control government spending, the threat of tax increases, same sex marriages, abortion and the need for every child to get a first class education.

 Miller informed those in attendance that, “many politicians don’t care if you come to a rally, get upset about what is going on in our State and Nation and then do nothing to impact your government.”

 Miller then presented an Action Plan that every church can participate in with Advance America including: encouraging people to pray, get registered to vote, vote Biblical values and distribute Advance America’s non-partisan Voter Guides.

 Miller followed up the information for churches by presenting an Action Plan for every family.

 Miller encouraged those present to get involved by telling them, “Every family can pray, get registered to vote, use Advance America’s Voter Guide to cast an informed ballot, sign up to get Advance America’s email alerts, help Advance America distribute 250,000 Voter Guides prior to the November 2nd Election and volunteer for the candidate of your choice.”

 Miller reminded them that every vote matters and that some recent races for the Indiana House of Representatives have been decided by a handful of votes.

 Prior to wrapping up the rally with the singing of God Bless America, Miller reminded the enthusiastic crowd of the words of President John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

 More information on Advance America and the Take Back America Rallies can be found at www.AdvanceAmerica.com.

 Advance America is a non-partisan educational organization that does not endorse any candidate or political party.  Advance America was founded by Eric Miller in 1980.

 Miller is an attorney and the Founder of Advance America, a conservative pro-family and pro-tax reform organization started in 1980.

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