For almost 30 years Eric Miller and Advance America have led the effort in Indiana in support of traditional values.

For over 10 years Eric has been a leader at the State House in support of smaller more efficient government and in controlling government spending and opposing tax increases.

Eric’s efforts to bring together social and fiscal conservatives was highlighted in a column by Russ Pulliam in the Indianapolis Star on Friday, August 20.

Tea partiers welcome

Indianapolis Star

Posted: August 20, 2010

Conservative political activist Eric Miller
sees common ground between the tea
party movement and his 30-year
advocacy of traditional family values.

The founder of Advance America thinks
the tea party will be a significant help in
November to candidates who favor
smaller government.

Miller is planning Take Back America
rallies this fall in Indianapolis and other
Indiana cities (www.advanceamerica.
com), along with voter guides, to
encourage limited government voters to
see clear differences among candidates.

Advance America has argued for
traditional pro-life, pro-family values
but also appeals for smaller government a
nd lower taxes. Miller ran for governor
in 2004, drawing more than 144,000 votes
in the Republican primary. Mitch Daniels
carried the race with 284,000 votes.

This year the tea party movement has
stirred up sentiment for a libertarian-
type emphasis on lower taxes and less

“The typical tea party person I meet has
not been involved in politics before,”
Miller said. “There’s a whole segment who
may not go to every tea party rally. They
feel cut off from their government. They
are in their 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s.
They will be OK financially. 

They’ve worked, raised their kids, paid for their
homes. But they are concerned for their
children and grandchildren.”

Although most tea party sympathizers
are economic conservatives, some aren’t
convinced about Advance America’s
emphasis on morality. Miller, however,
argues that many tea party enthusiasts
have an instinctive sympathy for his
family values thrust. “They know that
America has drifted morally,” he said.
“They hold to traditional values of hard
work, individual responsibility, of a
moral ethic that certain things are right
and certain things are wrong.”

Still, it’s unclear whether Advance
America’s conservative social values will
appeal to tea party members. Republican
leaders such as Ronald Reagan and, more
recently, U.S. Rep. Mike Pence have found
success by building a coalition of social
conservatives and small government
libertarians. Quite often neither wing of
the party can win an election without the
2010 Election Fast Approaching!

The November 2nd Election is less than 80 days away!  Be watching for more information about Advance America’s election efforts including information about our 2010 Voter Guides and Upcoming Rallies!

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