All Churches Are At Risk!

Committee Hearing – Rescheduled to January 27th at 10:30 am!

*Church Child Care Ministries Would Lose Freedom to Operate!*

Still Time To Contact Your State Representative!

House Bill 1036, authored by Representative Vanessa Summers, has been introduced in the 2010 General Assembly.  If House Bill 1036 were to pass it would give the government control over church child care ministries and pave the way for government control over other church ministries involving children including Sunday school!

History Of Freedom For Churches!

Since the passage of legislation in 1979, churches have been free to have child care ministries without government control or interference.  The freedom churches have had for over 30 years would change if House Bill 1036 becomes law!

House Bill 1036 – An Attempt To Control Your Church!

If House Bill 1036 passes, for the first time in over 30 years Indiana government would be able to tell a church:

  • Who they could hire for their child care ministry!
  • What education the workers in the child care ministry must have!
  • How many children the church could have in the child care ministry!

 The government would in effect be requiring the church to be licensed by the state if they want to have a child care ministry!

Next Step – Sunday School And Vacation Bible School!

If the state can regulate and control (license!) a church that has a child care ministry, then the next logical step would be to regulate and control churches that have other programs for children including:

  • Sunday School
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Mothers’ Day Out Program
  • Day Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Christian Schools
  • After School Programs

Churches should not be licensed, regulated or controlled by the government!

Immediate Action Required!

Step #1            Please call or email your State Representative immediately with the following message:

 “Churches should not be regulated, controlled or licensed by the government.  All church ministries including child care ministries should continue to be free!  Please vote NO on House Bill 1036.”

 House of Representatives:  317-232-9600 – or – 1-800-382-9842

*Please let us know what response you get from your State Representative.

Step #2            Come to the Committee Hearing on House Bill 1036 on Wednesday, January 27th at 10:30 am in Room 156A of the State House

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