Indiana Doesn’t Need Any More Gambling!
State Senators and State Representatives, who make up the 2009 Interim Study Committee on Gambling have been meeting at the State House during the summer and fall to consider proposals involving gambling.

Fort Wayne Casino Hearing October 19th!
On Monday, October 19th at 10:00 am in Room 431 of the State House the Interim Study Committee will have a hearing on a casino for Fort Wayne. This is a public hearing where citizens can come and voice their opinion to the Senators and Representatives about a casino for Fort Wayne.Legislators will also be hearing about a referendum for a Fort Wayne casino. One of the problems with a referendum involves the opportunity for the supporters of a casino to spend thousands and thousands of dollars in a media campaign in support of a casino for Fort Wayne.

Indiana Doesn’t Need More Gambling!
The key to helping Indiana economically now and in the future is to create an atmosphere where good paying jobs are created and retained. More gambling is not the answer!
2 Things You Can Do Now
To Stop A Casino In Fort Wayne

Step #1 – Come to the hearing at the State House on Monday, October 19th at 10:00 am in Room 431 and ask the legislators to oppose a casino or referendum for Fort Wayne.

Step #2 – Call or email your State Senator and State Representative and ask them to oppose legislation to put a new casino in Fort Wayne or any other city.

(Click Here) to find out who your Senator and Representative are.

 Telephone Numbers
House of Representatives 800-382-9842 & 317-232-9600
State Senate: 800-382-9467 & 317-232-9400
Governor: 317-232-4567 – Lt. Governor: 317-232-4545
You can find out who your legislators are and get their email address by
going to or by calling us at (800)448-VOTE (8683).