**Your Emails, Phone Calls & Visits Made A Difference!**

Special Session Ends June 30th!

The Indiana House of Representatives and the Indiana State Senate passed a new two-year budget on the last day of the fiscal year – June 30th.

Your Contacts With Your
Legislators Helped!

Advance America urged individuals around the state to contact their elected officials about the Special Session.  There was the possible expansion of gambling and massive spending increases leading to future tax increases. 

Your phone calls, emails, letters and visits with your legislators helped! 

Here are two key victories from the
Special Session…

Massive Spending Increases
Didn’t Happen!

Indiana did not need a new budget with massive spending increases which could lead to future tax increases on Hoosier families and businesses.  Fortunately the new budget does not contain massive spending increases and leaves a reserve – according to published reports – of approximately $1 billion! 
A Victory for the taxpayers!

No Expansion of Gambling!

Advance America has continued to oppose any expansion of gambling including a casino in Fort Wayne or Indianapolis.  Fortunately, all efforts to expand gambling including a referendum on a casino in Fort Wayne were kept out of the budget!  A Victory for all Hoosiers!

Thanks For Your Help On The New Budget!

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Telephone Numbers
House of Representatives 800-382-9842 & 317-232-9600
State Senate: 800-382-9467 & 317-232-9400
Governor: 317-232-4567 – Lt. Governor: 317-232-4545
You can find out who your legislators are and get their email address by
going to https://www.advanceamerica.com/ or by calling us at (800)448-VOTE (8683).