The November 4th General Election will be here before you know it!  Hoosiers need to vote and they need to cast an informed ballot!
Statewide, Congressional and Legislative Races!
Hoosiers will be voting for the following offices:

Lt. Governor
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Attorney General
All 9 Congressmen
All 100 State Representatives
25 of the 50 State Senators

Important Issues to be Decided by Those Elected November 4th!

Individuals elected on November 4th will be working on, debating, and in many cases voting on many issues of importance to all Hoosiers.  Some of those issues at the state level will include:

  • A new 2 year, multi-billion dollar state budget
  • Potential tax increase
  • Educational choice initiatives to help insure every child has the opportunity to get a first class education
  • Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage
  • Protecting churches from taxation and government control
  • Protecting the sanctity of life

 Where Do The Candidates Really Stand On The Issues?
Advance America will once again prepare non-partisan Voter Guides prior to the November 4th Election on the offices mentioned earlier so Hoosiers can cast an informed ballot!  You can order a Voter Guide for your family TODAY or a quantity for your church, business, organization, or neighborhood.  Order your Voter Guides at