The effort to repeal property taxes with a Constitutional Amendment is not over at the State House!  For the past 18 months I have traveled the state of Indiana talking about the need for Hoosiers to be able to own their own home, farm and business.  I have had the opportunity to talk to tens of thousands of Hoosiers and host 14 Property Tax Repeal Rallies around the state.  Repealing property taxes is the only way:

1. To let someone finally own their own home, farm or business;
2. To let Hoosiers vote to repeal property taxes;
3. To stop future property tax increases;
4. To save over $100 million in administrative expenses;
5. To stop incorrect assessments; and
6. To not repeat history by raising existing taxes or creating new taxes in exchange for temporarily lowering property taxes.

The property tax crisis is real.  Solving the property tax crisis permanently is important to every family, farmer and business.  For this reason, the leadership of the House and the Senate should permit a fair, full and open debate on the floor by all 100 Representatives and all 50 Senators.  Governor Daniels should support this as well.

Unfortunately, the Republican leadership of the Senate, the Democrat leadership of the House and Governor Daniels have all refused to support the Repeal of Property Taxes this year in the General Assembly.  None of them support a debate and vote on the floor of the House and Senate this year on the Repeal of Property Taxes even though this is the only way to let people stop renting their property from the government.

There is still time to help Hoosiers by repealing property taxes.  Advance America will continue to work with Republicans and Democrats, Senators and Representatives in order to amend the Repeal of Property Taxes into another Constitutional Amendment.

More information is available on our website,, including a study by Dr. Craig Johnson of Indiana University showing that property taxes can be repealed and replaced by controlling state and local government spending, by increasing the sales tax 2% and the income tax 1% only after the voters vote to repeal property taxes, by saving over $100 million in administrative expenses, and by adding in business replacement revenue.  Critics of repealing property taxes who quote higher sales and income taxes in order to repeal property taxes are not looking at our plan and are merely using scare tactics.

Governor Daniels’ proposal will not stop property taxes from increasing. It will not repeal property taxes.  It will not let someone finally own their own home, farm or business.   It will lead to local option income taxes in many counties.  It will raise the sales tax permanently. Repealing property taxes is the only permanent solution for Hoosiers.  Advance America will continue to lead the effort at the State House in 2008 and in future years.  Working together we can Repeal Property Taxes.  The time to start is now!

Eric I. Miller
Advance America

Miller is an attorney and the Founder of Advance America, a conservative pro-family and pro-tax reform organization started in 1980.  He may be contacted at