Press Release January 30, 2008

[Jeffersonville, IN] On Tuesday, January 29, 2008 Eric Miller and Advance America hosted their 13th Property Tax Repeal Rally.  More than 1,000 concerned citizens attended the Rally held at The Jeffersonville High School Johnson Arena in Jeffersonville.

Miller reminded those in attendance that it is not enough to just get angry over property taxes.  They must turn their anger into action and not stop until property taxes are repealed.

Miller began the Rally by announcing “We have a property tax crisis in Indiana, and because of property taxes your home, your family, your future and your retirement are at risk.  We have a crisis not because Hoosiers don’t pay enough in taxes, but because government spends too much!  The American dream of owning a home has become a nightmare for thousands of Hoosier families.”

Some homeowners have seen their property taxes go up by 50%, 70%, or more.  “The only solution to permanently protect homeowners, senior citizens, farmers and businesses is to permanently repeal property taxes with a Constitutional Amendment,” Miller said.

Miller told those assembled to remember four goals for property taxes.  You deserve the right:

  • To own your own home
  • To be able to vote to repeal property taxes
  • To not repeat history (for over 70 years every time the legislature raises taxes or creates a new tax in exchange for lowering property taxes, property taxes go back up)
  • To have a permanent solution 

Miller pointed out five advantages to repealing property taxes including the fact that you would then be able to own your own home, there would be no more property tax increases, citizens would be able to vote to repeal property taxes and state and local government spending would be controlled.
“In order to permanently repeal property taxes with a Constitutional amendment in 2010, the General Assembly must pass the proposed Amendment in 2008 and 2009 or 2010,” Miller stated.

“Enough money could be raised to replace the money from property taxes by controlling state and local government spending and by increasing the sales tax 2% and the income tax 1% and having businesses pay $951 million. These new sources of revenue: sales tax, income tax and $951 million from businesses would only take place after the voters vote to repeal property taxes permanently.”

Miller also presented an immediate solution to the property tax crisis:

  • Use money from the state surplus,
  • Review the new two year state budget and identify money that can be used for property tax relief,
  • Require a voter referendum for any local construction project over a certain amount of money,
  • Impose an immediate spending cap on state and local government to limit spending increases to inflation and population growth.

Miller emphasized that Governor Daniels and the General Assembly have the power to permanently solve the property tax crisis.  The only question is – will they?  Miller pointed out a number of ways the Advance America Plan to Repeal Property Taxes is better than the plan being proposed by Governor Daniels including the fact that only the Advance America Plan:

  • Permanently Repeals Property Taxes
  • Ends Property Tax Increases
  • Controls Local and State Spending
  • Ends Incorrect Assessments
  • Saves Over $100 Million in Administrative Expenses

Individuals were challenged to join in the battle to repeal property taxes by contacting their senator and representative and asking them to support the repeal of property taxes.  They were also encouraged to contact Governor Daniels to ask him to support the Constitutional Amendment to repeal property taxes.  Miller pointed out that the Governor’s plan includes a Constitutional Amendment to cap property taxes, whereas Advance America’s plan has a Constitutional Amendment to repeal property taxes. 

“The Governor has the wrong Constitutional Amendment,” Miller said.

Miller told the group that the Advance America Plan has been reviewed by a leading expert in government finance from Indiana University, Dr. Craig Johnson.  Dr. Johnson proved the Plan is fiscally sound and doable.

More information on Advance America’s plan to repeal property taxes, as well as upcoming Rallies, can be found at or by calling 1-800-448-8683. Additional rallies will be held around the state after property tax bills are received.

Advance America is a non-partisan educational organization that does not endorse any candidate or political party.  Advance America was founded by Eric Miller in 1980.
Miller is an attorney and the Founder of Advance America, a conservative pro-family and pro-tax reform organization started in 1980.